[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Andreas Kotes count-ironpython at flatline.de
Tue Mar 29 03:30:58 CEST 2005


* Keith J. Farmer <kfarmer at thuban.org> [20050329 03:24]:
> Because not everybody -- particularly lawyers -- is convinced of the
> protections offered by various OS licenses.  Let's face it, there are
> a *lot* of flavors of coffee.  I happen to prefer mine decaf, blond,
> and sweet.

the variety of coffee^WOSI-approved licenses available is quite stunnig,
why not help strengthen the trust in the existing ones by helping to
legally prove them instead of giving lawyers yet another possibilty to
cost money and time which should go elsewhere for work which won't help



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