[IronPython] Thoughts on IronPython

Jonathan LaCour jonathan-lists at cleverdevil.org
Tue Mar 29 03:42:34 CEST 2005

> Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but sometimes we need to be
> reminded.
> First, no one can create software for free.  Period.  Somebody, 
> somewhere,
> must pay for the resources and time required to create it.

Congratulations, you have totally missed the point.  This conversation 
has nothing to do with money.  People's objections would be entirely 
the same with or without Microsoft in the picture.  In fact, I am 
thrilled that Microsoft is in the picture.  They created .NET, who 
better to help with an open source project for .NET?

Most people's objections are very small.  Jim has created an open 
source project and people with lots of experience with open source 
projects are simply giving him a little bit of advise to help make the 
project accessible and appealing for the largest audience.

I would gladly pay Microsoft to integrate IronPython into Visual 
Studio, and I expect that now that Jim is working for them, they will 
probably do just that.

Pay more attention -- the issues are small and easy to fix.  Its not a 
holy war.

   -- Jonathan

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