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Andreas Kotes count-ironpython at flatline.de
Tue Mar 29 03:56:51 CEST 2005


* Thane <thane at magna-capital.com> [20050329 03:36]:
> I've attached below emails that seem to echo a lot of the sentiment coming
> from the Open Source/Free Software community regarding IronPython.  The
> essence of these messages is generally:

you're polarizing (intentionally, of course)

> "You must do this, this, and this (insert list of demands/requests here),

you -should- do this (and that),

> or I'm not going to contribute to your project because of (insert list
> of objections here).

or the gross of the open source community will refrain from contributing
for easily mendable psychological reasons,

> And if you don't get my help, IronPython will die a miserable death.

and if you don't get their help, IronPython will unlock (at least a
little) of the huge potential it has.

> Oh yes, and Microsoft is evil (insert list of sins)."

> With the successful development and growth of IronPython, all of the
> grumblings about the current course of IronPython will come to
> nothing.

.. and the legal encumberment carefully crafted for the benefit of
specific parties will still remain, and <mocking>the seed of evil will
have taken foot at another place</mocking>

> You have the talent, capability, and resources to create a truly first class
> product.  I sincerely hope that you do.

so do I, but I don't see it as a 'product' but rather as a valuable
piece of a mosaic which does .NET the favour of allowing to benefit from
the grand work of the horde of python designers and contributors which
gave IronPython broad and capable shoulders to stand on.

> P.S.  It's perfectly reasonable to expect people to pay for good software.

.. as well at it is perfectly reasonable to decide to work for the
benefit of the whole (the world, the community, etc) as opposed to
someones deep deep pockets.

I totally agree that developing software should be payed for if you
don't want/can't allow to make it for free - but I don't see an absolute
need to bill (unintentional pun, sorry for that ..) for (then) existing

Sharing the cost - ok. Multiplying from it - within reason.
Exponentiating from it - not if I can help it.

Consider giving IronPython to the world unencumbered as shared cost for
developing Python et al themselves.



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