[IronPython] Re: users-ironpython.com Digest, Vol 8, Issue 8

Innes MacKenzie innesm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 13:44:27 CEST 2005

 "J. Merrill" wrote:
> I have to use a Passport to download from MSDN.  If I then go to GotDotNet, it will either recognize my MSDN "identity" or not, using techniques that are not well documented, with little if any info available to me about how to control it.

I did a little test, and the behaviour seems quite simple, if annoying.
When I go to hotmail, Im automatically logged in using my personal
passport (tied to the hotmail account) because I checked
'automatically sign me in'.

When I go to the MSDN site, and press 'sign in' Im told that the
passport isnt registered with MSDN, so I sign-out, and sign-in with
the passport I have registered with MSDN. (I check 'automatically sign
me in', again.)

When I then go back to hotmail, Im told that 'an account has been
reserved for me' - hotmail has tried to auto-login with the msdn
passport. There is no sign-out button, so I have to go back to msdn to
sign out :-\.

Then, when I go to hotmail again, I log in, changing the msdn passport
email address to my personal one in the login form.

The same hassle would presumably happen each time you switch between
sites that use passport.

I initially tried this experiment so I could tell you to stop making
such a fuss over nothing, but it is indeed a right pain in the arse,
although disabling auto-sign-in might simplify things a little.

Inflammatory PS:
BTW none of this is a problem for people who use a single passport or
are without a passport and would create one solely for IPy at GDN. Any
objections from people in those categories I would see as the usual
slashdotesque delusions of self-importance. Seems that a lot of nerds
like to imagine themselves in an exciting hollywood thriller where
evil corporations & shadowy government agencies amazingly give a
bugger about their age, postcode etc.
As a 99 year old woman from beverly hills (90210) I remain sanguine on
the issue. ;)

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