[IronPython] IronPython compilation with mono

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Tue Mar 29 15:16:19 CEST 2005

IronPython 0.7 compiles with the current mono from svn
(not with the released 1.1.5, though the patch is minimal).
I used the attached quick and dirty makefile: just put
it in the toplevel dir and run make. You need to build
mono with the 2.0 preview bits enabled (run
	./autogen.sh --enable-preview=yes
in the mono module). Note it doesn't overwrite
the files in bin, but it places the new binaries in the current dir.

Jim, any chance the binary can be given a more sane name like
ironp, ironpy or ipython instead of IronPythonConsole.exe?
Also it would be nice if the zip would extract in its own versioned
directory like in 0.6.

I only did very light testing: pystone runs and it's about 20 %
faster than cpython 2.4 (and 35% faster than 2.3). It seems
IronPython 0.7 is 2% faster at it than version 0.6 (always with mono
from svn, I don't have .net to compare).

Jim: is it correct that IP 0.7 doesn't run the pie-thon benchmark?
It seems it looks for
	public object Invoke(object self, object arg1, object arg2, object arg3)
in IronPython/Objects/PythonType.cs, but then there are also other issues.


lupus at debian.org                                     debian/rules
lupus at ximian.com                             Monkeys do it better
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all: IronMath.dll IronPython.dll ironp.exe

IronMath.dll: IronMath/*.cs
	gmcs -out:IronMath.dll -target:library IronMath/*.cs

IronPython.dll: IronMath.dll IronPython/*.cs IronPython/*/*.cs
	gmcs -out:IronPython.dll -r:IronMath.dll -target:library IronPython/*.cs IronPython/*/*.cs

ironp.exe: IronMath.dll IronPython.dll IronPythonConsole/*.cs
	gmcs -out:ironp.exe -r:IronPython.dll IronPythonConsole/*.cs

	rm -f IronMath.dll IronPython.dll ironp.exe

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