[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Wed Mar 30 12:51:55 CEST 2005

On 03/29/05 Jim Hugunin wrote:
> >   2. Ditch the gotdotnet forums.  Make the mailing list "the way".
> I'm not going to make the gotdotnet forums disappear overnight because
> there is a separate part of the IronPython community that might prefer
> those forums to a standard mailing list.  However, I'm not going to make
> the mailing list go away either and the community gets to decide where
> the interesting discussion takes place.  Right now most of the activity
> is here on the mailing list and if people continue to vote this way with
> their feet then you'll get your wish.

Mentioning this list prominetly in the gotdotnet pages would help
to ensure the list is know to people that approached ironpython
only recently.

> >   4. Have a public SVN or CVS repository.
> This is an excellent suggestion but again not one that we can implement
> overnight.  I know you'd specifically like SVN or CVS, but do you need
> those or would any public repository work so long as it had simple
> command-line access and was cross-platform?

It should be accessible with free tools, svn or cvs are just the most common.

> >   5. Be open to accepting external patches.
> I'm certainly open to this idea if I could be convinced that the value
> of the patches would be worth the large effort needed to accept them at

Well, nobody is going to start contributing any significant patch
unless you change the policy so people won't be able to convince you
(which can be done only with working code).

> this time.  Given the company that I work for, I would have to spend a
> LOT of time with lawyers working out the right contribution policy in
> order to accept even small patches.  This extreme level of legal caution
> is part of working for a large company.  I don't believe that's the best
> way for me to spend my time right now in order to build the best
> IronPython 1.0.  After 1.0, the value of building a strong external
> developer community goes up and I expect to revisit this question.

I understand the legal issues involved. If the license was clarified wrt
derived works it would be easier to have someone maintain a tree with
external contributions that tracked your changes closesly, so the
official tree maintained at MS would not need to be concerned with the
issues your legal department has and the other people could contribute.
Anyway, I expect most people to remain in a wait and see state until
the license issues are solved or clarified.


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