[IronPython] Executing a python source from C#

Fabien Meghazi amigrave at gmail.com
Sun May 1 23:20:28 CEST 2005

> You want to use IronPython.Hosting.PythonEngine.  Here's a simple
> example program.  We're very interested in feedback on experiences with
> hosting IronPython from other .NET languages as that's an important
> scenario, but not one that I have much personal experience with.
> Does this give you what you're looking for? - Jim

Thanks a lot for your answer. Anyway I'm afraid that I won't be able
to do what I want
as the company where I'm working in won't install the framework 2.0 on
the web servers
before 2059 I guess. As PythonEngine does not exists in IronPython 0.6
(correct me
if I'm wrong) I won't be able to use IronPython. Sorry not to have
told you before that I was not using the last version of IronPython.

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