[IronPython] IronPython 0.7.4 released

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue May 3 19:36:50 CEST 2005

Hello IronPython community,

We have just released IronPython 0.7.4. There were few feature requests
and bug fixes that the community felt strongly about so we decided to
release the 0.7.4 faster than usual. We hope that you will find the
update useful even though we may have not delivered on all our promises
for 0.7.4. We decided that getting release with high priority requests
to you would be the right thing to do (and we are still keeping our
promises in mind for the upcoming release).

The important changes for the 0.7.4 release are:

* reload() is now implemented
* site.py, IRONPYTHONPATH and IRONPYTHONSTARTUP environment variables
(see below for more details)
* implementation of sys.stdin
* raw_input and input functions were implemented
* Assignment to a slice not implemented (on list)
* implementation of built-in function reversed()
* float numbers now print correctly with decimal point
* missing attribute access on old-style generates correct error

The members of our community who provided important feedback, reported
bugs that we fixed for this release, or otherwise contributed to the
0.7.4 release are listed below. Thank you for your work, contribution
and feedback:

Nicholas Jacobson
Keith J. Farmer
Michael Spencer
Anthony Tarlano

More information on site.py:

As we discussed on an email alias, standard CPython implementation has
several ways to support configuration on startup: "import site.py",
PYTHONPATH, PYTHONSTARTUP. We implemented all three for the 0.7.4
The "site.py" file that is included with the distribution is empty, but
we tested not only with our empty one, but also with the site.py that is
part of CPython 2.3.5 distribution. The 2.3.5 version of site.py works
with IronPython. However, IronPython does not process site.py
successfully in the 2.4 environment because of the use of multi-line
import statement in the import fan-out of the 'site.py' file (in os.py)
For the environment variables, we chose names IRONPYTHONPATH and
IRONPYTHONSTARTUP. One trick that we use at Microsoft a lot when it
comes to environment variables is that we do not put the environment
variables into the global (per-machine or per-user) settings. Instead we
use simple scripts to configure environment of the command line for the
task at hand. Sdkvars.bat from the .NET SDK is an example.

Progress on regression testing:

We are also making progress on running the standard CPython regression
tests. As of this very moment we pass test_math.py and random.py
self-test, we can also import string.py and site.py (which imports
variety of other modules). Because of the 2.4 features that we have not
yet implemented in IronPython we are using the regression test suite
from CPython 2.3.5 distribution. The next test to try and pass is
test_builtin.py that Michael Spencer got running for us on IronPython.
We hope that you will find this release useful.

Thank you and keep in touch
The IronPython Team


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