[IronPython] Re: IronPython 0.7.4 released

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue May 3 22:14:42 CEST 2005

Hi Daniel,

For the sys module, you can do:

import sys

and get the result that way. Similarly for __builtin__. For sys and
__builtin__ what you see in dir is what is implemented (or else it is a
bug). However, there are modules - for example recently added 'binascii'
- in which we only have empty stubs for the functions so even though
dir(binascii) returns the full set of functions, none of them are
implemented yet.


> Daniel Santa Cruz Wrote:
> How can I determine which standard functions are currently implemented
by IronPython?
> Would:
> >>> import sys
> >>> dir()
> show me what we have?
> Thanks!
> Daniel

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