[IronPython] Road Map for IronPython

Jim Hugunin jimhug at exchange.microsoft.com
Wed May 11 18:53:40 CEST 2005

There's no published road map, but that's a frequent request and we need to do something about that soon.

The plan is for IronPython to be fully CLI compatible which means that it should run on the Common Language Infrastructure.

I think that you're asking about compliance with the Common Language Specification (CLS).  IronPython absolutely plans to be a fully compliant CLS consumer which means that any well-designed library should be usable from IronPython.  The only two bugs that I know about here today are:
  1. enum's as bit fields not implemented
  2. no way to call a method whose name is a Python keyword
These will certainly be fixed and I'm sure that there are other bugs as a CLS consumer that IronPython will need to fix.

There's another level of CLS compliance called CLS extender.  IronPython supports some of this today.  My hope is that we'll be a fully compliant CLS extender by the 1.0 release, but there are many more open questions here that we'll have to answer as we go along.


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Hi All,
Is there any published Road Map for IronPython ? Will it be fully CLI compliant ?
I understand that using Enum type as bit field is not currently supported and will be done for v0.7.5 release. Similarly, what about other features that we have in C# ? Any document available which generally sums up IronPython's ambitions in the .NET world. Something like the blog entries of Stan Lippman and Herb Sutter regarding C++/CLI will do good for IronPython users like me. 

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