[IronPython] IronPython 0.7.5 released

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue May 17 23:15:09 CEST 2005

Hello IronPython community,

Today we have released IronPython 0.7.5. The bugs we fixed for this
release are:

* Can't Open 2 or more IronPythonConsoles
* File share error when opening the file for reading multiple times
* Generate assembly in the same directory as the Python source
* Can't OR flags together
   - note that to use bitwise operations on enums, the [Flags] attribute
must be set on the enum
* sorted() not implemented
* Failed to sort list with mixed types
* Remove nstr and zip2 from __builtins__
* Can't raise a long to an exponent
* dir and __dict__ malfunction
* Old class cannot be instantiated when passing parameters by name
    class A:
    def __init__(self, height=20, width=30):
        self.area = height * width
    a = A(width = 2)

* Old style class cannot override __getattr__
* Initialization of the map using lambda is incorrect
* Method lookup broken again
    - this was a regression in our dynamic method resolution code
      reported by Microsoft Research
* PythonEngine Execute method runs only discreet statements

There are several people we want thank for providing feedback and
reporting bugs.
Our thanks go to:

Nicholas Jacobson
Anthony Tarlano
John Gossman
Chris Anderson
Erin Renshaw
Sumit Basu
Vincent Risi

In the next 3 weeks I expect to spend a lot of time working on
regression tests because
I will be spending lot of time on the airplanes (first to Hawaii and
then to Prague,
Czech Republic) where I can dedicate good uninterrupted amount of time
to it.
Whether you can expect a release in the next 3 weeks depends on how much
time Jim will
be able to dedicate to IronPython code base with all the other
responsibilities he has.

We hope that you will find this release useful.

Thank you and keep in touch
The IronPython Team


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