[IronPython] Any have one good reason to use .NET Framework v2.0 with IronPython

David Wilson dw at botanicus.net
Tue May 31 21:29:49 CEST 2005

Luis Carrillo wrote:

> Why I need to update the .NET Framework v2.0 with revisions 50215,
> knowing that this version is BETA!!, I work with v1.2, and I don't
> need one upgrade yet.

> Why not work it?? with early versions of .NET or give more options to
> downloads, like IronPython 0.7.5 to .NET Fram.. v.1.0 or v.1.2,
> Thanks 4 your time when u reply me...

Hi there,

 From my understanding of the situation, a number of enhancements to 
.NET 2.0 are specifically geared for implementing languages such as 

It does not seem unreasonable to me that a beta implementation of 
IronPython has a beta implementation of .NET as a prerequisite. :)

By the time IronPython makes it to 1.0, .NET 2.0 will probably be 
released also.


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