[IronPython] Create a .dll from a Script

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Tue Nov 1 02:39:35 CET 2005

When run under Win32, IronPython generates an exe which should be
importable as an assembly (does it do so when run from Mono? In any
case, Mono should still be able to import it, or soon will now that
Whidbey has released.).  If you use Reflector
(http://www.aisto.com/roeder/dotnet/), you can examine the namespaces
contained within the assembly.


I don't know how much this will help, but it'd be a start.



Keith J. Farmer

kfarmer at thuban.org


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My team and I have come across a Python Library Toolkit that we could
really use in a .NET application that we are creating. The issue is that
the Python Library is far to extensive to re-write in .NET and
IronPython seemed like a good choice for converting the python code into
a managed assembly. Is this possible, and if so what's the best way to
do it. I know that you can create an .exe but it's kind of hard to find
where the code is compiling the python script.




Dan Piessens

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