[IronPython] importing os module

J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Tue Nov 1 16:06:31 CET 2005

IP does indeed "not play with C at all".  The plan, I believe, is to re-create some common C-based Python libraries (with C# or in Python) to ease the porting.

At 02:09 AM 11/1/2005, Liam Clarke wrote
>Now, my question on os is, what does IronPython have against pipe() ?
>Does IronPython not play with C at all?
>Liam Clarke
>On 11/1/05, Martin Maly <Martin.Maly at microsoft.com> wrote:
>> You can set sys.path to point to CPython's Lib directory which includes os
>> module:
>> >>> import sys
>> >>> sys.path.append("C:\\Python24\Lib")
>> >>> import os
>> >>> os.name
>> 'nt'
>> You can even put the first 2 lines into your site.py (located in
>> IronPython's Bin\lib directory)
>> Martin

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