[IronPython] Interactive WinFX design with IronPython

Michael Stokesbary breaman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 07:01:16 CET 2005

Thank you Martin. That explains the "from avalon import *" part of his demo
as well :)

 On 11/3/05, Martin Maly <Martin.Maly at microsoft.com> wrote:
> The reason for this is that the console thread is waiting for console
> input and does not pump messages (necessary to redraw the windows).
>  Check out the tutorial we shipped with IronPython 0.9.4. There is file "
> avalon.py" in the tutorial directory. in your console do:
>  from avalon import *
>  The avalon.py sets up the console to run message pump and things will
> work.
>  Martin
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>   Hey all -
>  I was just wondering if anyone got the chance to see Jim's PDC 05
> presentation dealing with the .NET CLR and dynamic languages. In the
> presentation, he was able to interactively create a WinFX window and add
> components to it on the fly. I have tried doing this myself only to run in
> to issues. I do the following:
>  w = System.Windows.Window()
> w.Show()
>  And after doing this, the window does appear, but it seems to be in a
> blocking state. Then as I add components to it, nothing gets rendered. In
> Jim's presentation, he was able to call w.Show(), then add a button, then
> resize the window and just modify it on the fly. Has anyone else been able
> to do something like this? I am using IronPython 0.9.4 on the .NET
> framework version 2.0.50215.322 and the September release of WinFX. Yes, I
> can create the whole window and add all the components and then call
> ShowDialog() and all works fine (the command prompt is blocked, but at least
> I can interact with the window). If I just call .Show(), the command prompt
> is still active, but the window is useless.
>  Any ideas?
>  Stokes
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