[IronPython] How to do debugging for embedded usage

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Fri Nov 4 12:18:23 CET 2005

why engine.ExecuteFile(fileName) can't be debuged

2005/11/2, Martin Maly <Martin.Maly at microsoft.com>:
> It largely depends on how your Python scripts are written. If you use
> following format:
>  engine.Execute("print "Hello")
>  debugging is hard because IronPython has no source code to map debugging
> info to.
> On the other hand, if you have your scripts stored in the files and
> execute them via:
>  engine.RunFile(fileName);
>  then IronPython generates debug info and debugging is straightforward -
> attach debugger to your app and place breakpoint into the Python source file
> and things mostly work as you'd expect. There are some rough edges to be
> polished, but debugging this way is quite good already.
>  Hope this helps
> Martin
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>  When I am using IronPython within my application (for
> scripting/extension) how do I support debugging? Is there an event in the
> engine when a break point is hit? How do I specify to the engine that there
> is a break point? I presume I need to provide an editor and such myself, as
> well as a UI for examining the run-time state? I presume I can use the stack
> walker for examining the stack?
>  Michael
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