[IronPython] .NET Events in IronPython

Brian Lloyd brian at zope.com
Wed Nov 16 00:10:41 CET 2005

 > given a mechanism to produce or transform a class into a sealed class
> (if that's a sensible notion in the first place), then function/method
> decorators could be used to express the transformation.  i think
> that's the kind of thing for which decorators are intended.  (i, also,
> cringe at the even the thought of adding a new keyword...)
> ken
> ken.manheimer at gmail.com

Hiya Ken - drop me a line, man ;^)

I was just about to write that the 'pythonic' choices here 
would appear to be between:

  - some kind of event / delegate decorator

  - or some magical Event base class in builtins, etc.

I'm generally (and usually specifically) opposed to magic, so 
I was asking myself whether the Python community at large have 
adopted decorators as 'pythonic' yet. Possibly not, but if it 
seems to be The Future, then I like that a lot better (and I 
like it better as a sustainable pattern to bridge these kinds 
of gaps) than anything else I can think of...

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