[IronPython] Problem: AllowDrop = True --> DragDrop registration failed

John Lam jlam at iunknown.com
Fri Nov 18 16:51:18 CET 2005

This is the same problem that I have with my Ruby <-> CLR bridge. The way I "solve" this problem is through a wrapper for the ruby.exe interpreter - winruby.exe that will instruct my bridge to turn on COM the right way. In my case, the CLR isn't loaded until my bridge is loaded, so I can initialize the CLR via an unmanaged shim prior to hoisting the CLR into memory.


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A concession to reality could be that IP has to know (either figure out or be told) whether the app is intended to be a GUI (WinForms) app.  If it's GUI, then STAThread becomes the default.

I don't recall, off-hand, what the IP syntax is for specifying attributes -- particularly when (in C# or VB.Net) you use the STAThread attribute on the _class_ that represents your app, and IP's Main is not explicitly in a class.

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