[IronPython] IronPython: how to display a PNG

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Fri Nov 25 13:18:31 CET 2005

dear seo,

thank you for responding.

i hope you don't mind me relating my experiences here, but
i have since resolved the issues i had.

firstly, i added debian/testing as well as debian/unstable,
and that made it possible to upgrade to mono 1.1.10 - it is mono 1.1.9
and the associated libraries libgtk2.0-cil from former
(not-absolute-latest) versions that require the mono config trick.

your comments were very helpful: they gave me the confidence to try
IronPython 0.9.5 again, and this time it worked.

what mono 1.1.10 still _won't_ do is _compile_ IronPython 0.9.5
(but it will do 0.9.4)

thank you for the tip about gdk pixbuf.  one really important question:
how on earth did you _find_ it?  i quite literally spent 6 to 8 hours
over a period of three days searching with different google terms.

your advice on what search criteria you used would therefore be
absolutely invaluable: every coding environment has a different
feel to the nebulous search criteria... "thing" and i could really do
with some tips.

for example, i'm now trying to find example code on how to parse
xml documents (i note that Serialization is still under dev), to easily
store and retrieve data - and once again i am at sea and floundering
about, searching for things like "System.XML IronPython", "System.XML
filetype:py" - to no avail.

many thanks,


p.s. after all that, Gtk.Image("monkey.png") works just fine.  i believe
i may have been caught out by the "delay in just-in-time compiling" that
occasionally lags a recompile behind the last edit, resulting in a
spurious runtime error that disappears when you re-run the [unmodified!]
program a second time.

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