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SrinivasaRao srinivasarao_k at apollolife.com
Sun Nov 27 08:15:55 CET 2005

Yh, I have .net 2.0 framework which is instailed from MSDN site.
Can u tell me the steps before building the project.

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The documentation says that you need the .Net 2.0 SDK beta 2 release.  Do
you have that?

Isn't the source code in what you downloaded?  The fact that it won't build
is likely because you don't have the .Net 2.0 beta 2 SDK.

I don't know if the compiled code will work on the official 2.0 release.

At 01:02 AM 11/26/2005, SrinivasaRao wrote
> Please any one help to me by providing MSDB sourceCode.
> I taked from the address
>80ce-c55645ab1310&displaylang=en but its not working, means it is not build
>in my system.
>If any one find its then provide to me ASAP.
>My system configuration is -->
>1.      o.s -- Windows 2000
>2.      2.0 .NET Framework.
>3.      C# 2005 Express edition -- editior.
>If any one helps to me in this issue then I will be very happey...
>Srinivasa Rao.
>Software Engineer.
>Apollo Health street Ltd.
>Hyderabad, India.
>Mobile : 91-9885334248.

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