[IronPython] import socket fails on Win32

Boris Capitanu borice23 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 28 07:18:13 CET 2005


First let me say Thank You for the wonderful job you
guys have been doing so far with IronPython. I've been
a long time user of Python.NET and have been very
happy with the Python integration, with the only
downside being that debugging is a little painfull
when you can't step through the code or inspect
variables.  This is why I am now moving to IronPython.

Most of my code transitioned perfectly to IronPython,
however I did reach one module that failed importing
"socket" on a Windows platform.

I've traced the problem to a precompiled library in
\Pyton24\DLLs folder, called _socket.pyd which is
imported from \Python24\Lib\socket.py
Apparently IronPython cannot handle the precompiled
libraries yet. Any ideas on what needs to be done in
order for this to work?

Thank you very much.

Boris Capitanu

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