[IronPython] debugging question

Boris Capitanu borice23 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 30 00:43:37 CET 2005


I'd like to find out if the following is the normal
(expected) behaviour, or there is some problem on my

Suppose I have the following Python script:

def bar(): return 1

def foo():
  x = bar()
  print x

...and some C# code that calls (using the Python
hosting support) function "foo".  I can set a
breakpoint on the first line of function "foo", and
the VS debugger gets to it as exected, however if I
would like to step into (F11) the call to function
"bar", the debugger jumps me inside the IronPython C#
code that does all the magic in resolving what "bar"
means, and calling it... however what I would like is
for the debugger to actually place me on the first
line of the function "bar".  Is this possible to
achieve?  (I know I can always set a breakpoint on the
first line of "bar", but it's cumbersome to set up
breakpoints inside all the functions that I have)

Thank you for any clarifications.

Boris Capitanu

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