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Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
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Hi Boris,

My experience is that when using release build of IronPython (where the debug symbols are not available), Visual Studio steps right through the IronPython logic and lands on the first line of bar(). With debug build of IronPython you will experience VS stepping into IronPython internals.

We are currently actively thinking about the debugging support and the ways to make it better and certainly the stepping through the Python code without stepping through the Python internals is on our list. Ultimately it is fairly easy to tell the debugger to ignore some code (IronPython internals) and fly right through it and land on the first line of bar(). Unfortunately, this doesn't quite work for the developers working on IronPython code so we need to find solution that works both ways.

I hope this answers your question

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I'd like to find out if the following is the normal
(expected) behaviour, or there is some problem on my

Suppose I have the following Python script:

def bar(): return 1

def foo():
  x = bar()
  print x

...and some C# code that calls (using the Python hosting support) function "foo".  I can set a breakpoint on the first line of function "foo", and the VS debugger gets to it as exected, however if I would like to step into (F11) the call to function "bar", the debugger jumps me inside the IronPython C# code that does all the magic in resolving what "bar"
means, and calling it... however what I would like is for the debugger to actually place me on the first line of the function "bar".  Is this possible to achieve?  (I know I can always set a breakpoint on the first line of "bar", but it's cumbersome to set up breakpoints inside all the functions that I have)

Thank you for any clarifications.

Boris Capitanu
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