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Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Wed Oct 12 06:23:07 CEST 2005

I don't think there is any VS plug-in for IronPython for syntax
coloring, debugging support, intellisense etc. However I know of few
people using xemacs with the extension "python-mode.el". I think it does
support syntax coloring but I am not sure whether it goes beyond that.


As for the uses of IronPython, it is used in all of the ways you list.
If there is a pre-dominant one or not, I am not certain. Few months ago
the focus was on the b) - using IronPython to communicate with .Net
objects. Many people also embedded IronPython and used it as a scripting
engine for their applications. As for the standalone use, my feeling is
that to fully enable the scenario, we need to run many more standard
Python modules. We are getting there though


I hope this helps.




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Thanks for this most-needed project...

Is there a Visual Studio plug-in for IP for colorizing, debugging,
completion, etc? (Or hooks into other IDEs?)

(I saw the message on launching the CLR debugger - but one-stop shopping
is nice...)

Are most current uses of IP: (a) stand-alone, (b) inside-out (IP as
"main" and controller for existing non-IP objects), or (c) outside-in
(C# main embedding IP as scripting language)AN>? (Of course, your view
of "in" and "out" may vary depending on perspective...)




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