[IronPython] IronPython 0.9.3 released

J. de Hooge info at geatec.com
Fri Oct 14 14:52:27 CEST 2005

0.9.3 is a big improvement.

The closures really make my code a lot more compact and readable.

I am impressed by the speed of progress on IronPython.


After a few months of development using the combination of IronPython and
WinForms I've grown addicted.

Has been a long time since programming was so much fun!



Jacques de Hooge


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Hello IronPython community,


today, we have released IronPython 0.9.3. The biggest change for the release
is the implementation of closures and re-factoring of the name-tables. The
closures were becoming the limitation of IronPython that we were coming
across more and more often when working on the regression test suite. Most
of the bugs fixed are closure related, but there are few others that we


* Closures and closure related changes:

 - Name is resolved to object in enclosing scope, even though it is defined
in the current scope (later)
 - Closures are broken
 - self not known in definition of lambda function
 - self not known in lambda function


* Generator releated bugfixes:

 - CodeGen for nested generators throws in some cases
 - Re-generating code with generators throws

    - codegen for generators modified state of AST which would cause
exceptions on 2nd pass


* True/False issue

 - comparison code didn't handle boolean type properly. For example True ==
False didn't return False


* Changes in import statement name binding

 - rework of import statement. import binds to local names rather than
global ones


* Old type class doesn't have __dict__
* FastEval option doesn't resolve builtin names

Our thans for feedback and bug reports go to: Jacques de Hooge, Jonathan
Jacobs, Sumit Basu and Szymon Kobalczyk

You can download the new IronPython release at:


-8b1f-768a2715170c&displaylang=en> &displaylang=en


Thanks very much and keep in touch

The IronPython Team





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