[IronPython] importing the os module

Papanii Okai papanii.okai at gmail.com
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Thanks a lot Drew... 




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Papanii Okai wrote: 

Hmm, I tend to disagree with you on the fact that in standard python os is
not a built in module. Even though nt is built in, the os modules also built
in. But what is confusing is that Anthony posted that he was able to import
the os module like so.

Define 'builtin'.
(define 'sex' ;-)

>From cpython's help utility..

Help on built-in module sys:



Help on module os:

    os - OS routines for Mac, DOS, NT, or Posix depending on what system
we're on.


os.py == not builtin

I often describe the "help" utility as "built in."
really, it is not.. it is a standard part of python.. but it is written as a
python module, not a core part of the interpreter written in pure C. 

The help facility, which I use all the time in cpython, and semantically
consider a builtin, is *not* technically a builtin. It comes from pydoc.py.
Which rocks. But is not built in.



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