[IronPython] RE: Numpy port

J. Merrill jvm_cop at spamcop.net
Thu Sep 1 04:24:09 CEST 2005

Oh good -- we can program in "pithy" !!!

At 07:11 PM 8/31/2005, Keith J. Farmer wrote
>It's okay to interchange 'i' and 'y' .. so you can go through each combination of i/y that occurs in each part.
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>essential_parts = "py,pyth,python".split(',')
>other_parts = "net,i,ir,iron,fe,ferrous,-anything-but-sharp-".split(',')
>for part1 in essential_parts:
>      for part2 in other_parts:
>            print part1+part2
>            print part2+part1
>(Doesn't include "Pyronic" which I kinda like.)

J. Merrill / Analytical Software Corp

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