[IronPython] Bug: Newline's are not shown from __doc__ properties

Mat Steeples mat at matssoftware.co.uk
Mon Apr 3 11:46:08 CEST 2006

Hi guys

This occurrs in beta 5 of IronPython. Basically, if you try and show the
output from a __doc__, it doesn't parse the newlines, and prints out the
characters instead.

I've pasted the output of an example below. This is the same with no
command line arguements as it is with TabCompletion on.

>>> import System
>>> from System.Diagnostics import Process
>>> Process.Start.__doc__
'bool Start()\r\nstatic Process Start(str fileName, str userName,
SecureString password, str domain)
\r\nstatic Process Start(str fileName, str arguments, str userName,
SecureString password, str domai
n)\r\nstatic Process Start(str fileName)\r\nstatic Process Start(str
fileName, str arguments)\r\nsta
tic Process Start(ProcessStartInfo startInfo)\r\n'

Hope that's enough detail.
Mat Steeples

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