[IronPython] Adding a namespace to a python dll

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
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Currently there's no way that you can do this.  This comes back to the old static compilation problem which we don't yet support (we're a CLS consumer currently, not a CLS producer).

If you'd like to interop w/ C# code the best way to do this today would be via interfaces or inheritance from classes defined in C#, and then have the Python code call into the C# code to give C# code objects.  Alternately you can use the hosting APIs to create Python objects from C#.

This is something that we'd like to provide in the future, but the odds are currently in the favor of this shipping in v1.1 rather than v1.0.

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The question is whether anyone can tell me how to add a namespace to a
PE file that was created from a python file using the PythonCompiler?

I used the PythonCompiler from IronPython.Hosting to create a DLL
assembly, but after adding a reference to the file and attempting to
use the using namespace directive from C# to access the classes of the
DLL all I get is an error

Hosting.cs(3,7): error CS0138: A using namespace directive can only be applied
        to namespaces; 'service' is a type not a namespace

I used the .NET reflector to inspect the PE and sure enough there
doesn't seem to be a namespace or more specifically it seems to be a
zero length string.


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