[IronPython] Sin and Sqrt performance (Chris Trimble)

Dave midnightdf at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 23:42:57 CEST 2006

Use xrange instead of range and there should be a pretty good performance improvement;) As is, your for loop creates a list of five million elements. A simple while loop would also do the trick although it's not as clean to look at.


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   1. Sin and Sqrt performance (Chris Trimble)


Message: 1
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 11:47:35 -0700
From: "Chris Trimble" 
Subject: [IronPython] Sin and Sqrt performance
To: "Discussion of IronPython" 
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IP doesn't do much better than CPython when using math.sin and
math.sqrt.  However, same test in C# dominates (10ms.. as opposed to
upwards of 5 seconds in IP or CPy).  Am I missing something here?


 - Chris


import time
from math import *

def do_timing(f, reps):
    start = time.time()
    end = time.time()
    print "%s (%d reps): %f" % (f.__name__, reps, end-start)

def py_fpfunc_test(reps):
    j = 0.0
    for i in range(0, reps):
        j += sin( j )
        j += sqrt( j )
        j +=2.72392032032;
    print j

def do_all_timing():
    do_timing(py_fpfunc_test, 5000000)

print ""


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