[IronPython] Are two PythonEngine instances connected?

Kristof Wagemans kristof.wagemans at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 20:38:16 CEST 2006

I don't think that I would really require multiple engine instances if I
could use separated sessions (system states). I could keep the states around
and swap them in and out as required.


One possible problem: I create a new session and run a script in it. This
script triggers the execution of another script. I would then need to unplug
the current session, create a new session and run the script inside it.
After the second script finishes I need to put the original session back and
let it finish executing. I can imagine that it would give problems to swap
sessions while one was executing (although it was temporarily suspended).


Using AppDomains or multiple Threads doesn't seem like a workable solution.
It would get very complex to make the data the PythonEngine needs to operate
on available in the other AppDomain. As for using threads: multithreading
and user interfaces don't work well together. (I would have hoped that WPF
fixed this problem, but alas.)


I don't really need an immediate solution for this. I'm just experimenting
now. I think that the scenario that I've outlined is an important use for
IronPython: to integrate in a .NET application and extend it with
programmable and flexible extra functionality.


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