[IronPython] who is using ironpython in projects ?

Stanislas Pinte stan at phidani.be
Fri Apr 21 11:15:19 CEST 2006

We (http://www.ertmssolutions.com/) provide an ethereal-like PROFIBUS 
network analyzer (http://www.ertmssolutions.com/sniffer.html) for ERTMS protocol stack used in
european high-speed trains.

IronPython enabled us to quickly provide a python scripting interface to our application, so that
customers can write their own custom filtering/processing extensions.

The product is in use today by several customers.

Stanislas Pinte.

   Stanislas Pinte             e-mail: stan at ertmssolutions.com
   ERTMS Solutions               http://www.ertmssolutions.com
   Rue de l'Autonomie, 1             Tel:    + 322 - 522.06.63
   1070        Bruxelles              Fax:   + 322 - 522.09.30
   Skype (http://www.skype.com) id:                  stanpinte

Selon ºú Ñî <smppms2002 at yahoo.com.cn>:

> in python's web site,
> we can see a Success Stories link (http://www.python.org/about/success/),
> I wonder who is using ironpython in their project.
> ---------------------------------
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>  ÑÅ»¢ÖúÊÖ-ËÑË÷¡¢É±¶¾¡¢·ÀɧÈÅ  

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