[IronPython] Generated IL is always using the standard input, output and error streams.

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Apr 27 17:38:25 CEST 2006

Yep, you're correct - SystemState is currently a singleton for the entire process.  We'll actually have this fixed in beta 7 where the system state is stored in a hidden spot in the module and we'll flow it as one module imports another.  That'll result in a set of modules being independent and 'belonging' to a single system state and allows multiple engines to be hosted simultaneously.

The engine does have a SetStderr / SetStdout / SetStdin API which should be used for this purpose.  And the nice thing is as we rev to the multi-System state module this API will remain unchanged so you won't be broken in the future.

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First, thanks Dino and Szymon for the help <Re: Using an IronPython
console with a Winforms component supporting the interactive I/O>

I came across an issue: the only output displayed were stack traces.

After a bit of investigation, I think the generated IL does not use the
custom streams of the implementation of IConsole passed to the
PythonEngine. The static property State of IP::Runtime::Ops is
initialised with a SystemState setting its fields e.g. as:

        public object __stdout__ = new PythonFile(
            Options.UnbufferedStdOutAndError ?
Console.OpenStandardOutput(0) : Console.OpenStandardOutput(),

I think that the subsequent calls to the methods in the Ops class from
the generated methods are using this State.

Incidentally, the use of static methods/properties for Ops also
effectively means that a PythonEngine should be used as a singleton if
embedded in an application. I am well aware that trying not to rely on
static method and singleton patterns often raises the code complexity a
*lot* (been there, done that...). What is the current thinking on this


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