[IronPython] profiling ipy apps

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
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One of the CLR developers pointed out to me that there is a free 180 day trial version of VSTS available here: https://www.tryvs2005.com/profile.aspx

Obviously not a long term solution, but it does give you an opportunity to try it out and use VS's profiler (which is what we use internally when profiling).  The way we go about this is to launch ipy.exe w/ the script as the parameter under the profiler (Tools->Performance Tools->New Performance Session).  I suggest using the sampling profiler rather than instrumentation, although only instrumentation is available if you're running a 64-bit version of Windows.  Finally it'll give you a nice breakdown w/ the top most functions consuming memory.  If you want to find the issues in your code you might want to run w/ -D, although I suspect it'll work fine w/o it (usually we're looking for issues in IronPython.dll).

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Hello all,

Is there a recommended process for profiling ipy applications?
Understandably, the cpython profile module doesn't work (no
sys.setprofile).  Also, CLR Profiler isn't geared towards performance
analysis.  So, do I need to somehow run my ipy applications under VS
2005 Team Suite?

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