[IronPython] How to conditionally alter DataGridViewButtonColumn?

Cheemeng lcm at spiralcomms.com
Fri Aug 4 04:12:55 CEST 2006

can change the button text thru' the cell value like

dgc = SWF.DataGridViewButtonColumn()
dgc.HeaderText = dgc.Name = "Test"
dgc.Text = "Test"
#dgc.UseColumnTextForButtonValue = True
drow = dgv.Rows[0]
#drow.Cells["Test"].UseColumnTextForButtonValue = True
drow.Cells["Test"].Value = "Test 1"

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 > I'd like to change the text of my button column based on some 
criteria. If I
 > handle the CellFormatting event, I can get a reference to the Cell, 
but how
 > do I then get to the Button Control within?
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