[IronPython] AttributeError problem

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Mon Aug 7 17:44:22 CEST 2006

Ok, I'll keep it as a 1.01 bug for now and set the priority as high so make sure we get to it before it becomes critical :).

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Dino Viehland wrote:
> Thanks for the bug report.  I've opened CodePlex bug #1689 to track this  (http://www.codeplex.com/WorkItem/View.aspx?ProjectName=IronPython&WorkItemId=1689) .
> Just to make sure we get the correct priority - is this blocking you?  My only concern is that the fix here could be a little destabilizing.  The point when we're catching the wibble exception and the point where we re-throw the fish exception are rather disconnected.  We'd like to minimize the churn now that we're at the end game so if it's not a blocker it might be better to wait for this one until 1.01.  If it is a blocker let us know and we'll take a closer look at it.  Thanks!

It is preventing us from returning meaningful error messages to our
users. It's not critical at the moment.


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