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You should be able to do engine.Execute('print myVar2') and it should print out the value you stored into Globals.

You can also create other modules that have different sets of globals and pass the EngineModule to the overload of Execute that takes one of those.

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Hi All,
I just started using Iron Python and I am bit unsure on the best way to pass data from the app that runs the script and the script itself.
So far I know that we should do something like this from say a C# application,

PythonEngine.Globals["myVar"] = myVar;

So from the looks of this it is a global array for storing data.
Can I do this then,
PythonEngine.Globals["myVar"] = myVar;
PythonEngine.Globals["myVar2"] = myVar2; PythonEngine.Globals["myVar3"] = myVar3;

Then how would I access this data from the script.
Example of which I do not think I can do from the script, myVar = PythonEngine.Globals["myVar"]
myVar2 = PythonEngine.Globals["myVar2"]

Thanks for any advice.

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