[IronPython] IronPython interop problem

Marc-André Belzile mbelzile at softimage.com
Fri Aug 25 20:10:49 CEST 2006


I'm hosting the CLR (.NET 2.0) in an unmanaged C++ app in order to access objects from .NET assemblies with IDispatch. This is working fine for C# assemblies but failed for IP assemblies.

The call to _AppDomain.CreateInstance below returns this error: 80131522, which I couldn't find in the doc.

My unmanaged code:

	CComPtr<_AppDomain> spAppDomain;
	HRESULT hr = pDomain->QueryInterface( &spAppDomain.p );
	assert( !hr );

	CComPtr<_ObjectHandle> spHandle;
	CComBSTR assyname("IronPythonPlugin");
	CComBSTR classname("MyClass");

	hr = spAppDomain->CreateInstance( assyname,classname,&spHandle );
My test class in 

	class MyClass:
		def Foo():

I compiled the PI assbly with VS2005 using the IDE prototype. The IL code looks rather odd though compared to a C# assbly.

___[MOD] S:\Rayflex\Sdk\si3dobjectmodel\IronPythonPlugin\bin\Debug\IronPythonPlugin.dll
   |      M A N I F E S T
   |___[CLS] Class
   |   |     .class public auto ansi 
   |   |      extends [IronPython]IronPython.Runtime.CustomDict 
   |   |___[STF] ExtraKeysCache : public static string[]
   |   |___[STF] MyClass : public static object
   |   |___[STF] __doc__ : public static object
   |   |___[STF] __name__ : public static object
   |   |___[STF] myModule__py : public static class [IronPython]IronPython.Runtime.PythonModule
   |   |___[STM] .cctor : void()
   |   |___[MET] .ctor : void()
   |   |___[STM] Foo$f4 : object(class [IronPython]IronPython.Runtime.FunctionEnvironment4)
   |   |___[MET] GetExtraKeys : object[]()
   |   |___[MET] Initialize : void()
   |   |___[STM] Main : int32()
   |   |     MyClass$maker4 : class [mscorlib]System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary`2<object,object>(class [IronPython]IronPython.Runtime.FunctionEnvironment,class [IronPython]IronPython.Runtime.ICallerContext)
   |   |___[MET] TryGetExtraValue : bool(object,object&)
   |   |___[MET] TrySetExtraValue : bool(object,object)

Is this a known limitation ? Or maybe there is another way of getting at IP classes from unmanaged code ?

thanks for your help!
Marc-André BELZILE - sdk software engineer, softimage|xsi

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