[IronPython] DataGridViewRow resisting property modification

jeff sacksteder jsacksteder at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 21:13:43 CEST 2006

I can't post an example, as my controls are bound to datasources and do not
lend themselves to distribution. My DataGridView contains rows representing
records previously entered into the database. The objective is to allow the
user to add rows, but not alter the contents of existing rows. It seems that
once the DGV rows are created, added to the form and displayed, the ReadOnly
property has no effect. It can be set and 'print my_dgvr.ReadOnly' indicates
'True', however I am still able to click in the cells to enter 'edit mode'
and change the values.

I suspect that this and several other issues I have found relate to the
dynamic nature of Python. With Visual Studio,  static code is produced in a
typically reproduceable manner. The .net standard libray to date has only
had to accomodate this common code path. It doesn't seem to be prepared to
have values change after the fact.
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