[IronPython] Form properties clarification

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
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This depends - if we failed to pass the assignment through, that would be a bug.  But what the control should do is up to the control author.  I would expect these to update immediately personally, but the control could define different semantics.

Is there any possibility you're setting this property from a non-UI thread which is causing the update to not occur?  In winforms.py included w/ the tutorial we spin up a new thread and dispatch all console commands onto that thread to allow both the app to run and the user to use the console.  I wouldn't expect this to get in the way, but if you were mixing and matching with a normal .py file that you import and the console maybe strange things could happen.

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If a form has one of it's properties changed(i.e. Text or ReadOnly) and that change is not immediately reflected in the visual representation of the control onscreen, is that automatically a bug?

Is it rather that some controls require that additional methods be called- for example, layout or refresh methods?

Is there a typical pattern here?
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