[IronPython] IDE status info

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Aug 31 00:38:30 CEST 2006

S H Yoon wrote:
> http://community.sharpdevelop.net/forums/thread/3770.aspx
> This gentleman Andy Tao appears to be working on IPY IDE and hit some 
> problems, but I am not much of help for him in this regards.
> BTW: All his stuff are in Chinese, which makes things really confusing.
> I could not get anything to work yet, but source does indicate that he 
> has put in a lot of time in it already.
> One definite issue better about this is that #Develop is free for all.
> --------------------------
> On the other hand. John at WingIDE appears to be at least some what 
> interested in interactive command prompt and limited code 
> completetion, but debug support will be tough as this will require 
> major surgery with .NET 2.0, which he understandably is reluctant.
> -------------------------
> So far notepad is #1 editor and command prompt is #1 debugger. I will 
> report back in couple of days.
Has anyone tried using the C# Visual Studio express debugger (free) to 
connect to a running IronPython program ?

I find Wing IDE to be the best of all the IDEs I have tried, and usually 
just use print statements for debugging.

Certainly in the full Visual Studio 2005 (without the SDK containing 
IronPython installed) you can debug IronPython programs and set breakpoints.


> */Rodolfo Conde <rodolfoconde at saitosoft.com>/* wrote:
>         Hi, i just wanna say that i use SharpDevelop in my daily
>     development, As it doesnt have IP support, i open an emacs windows
>     to edit IP code....it would be great to have IP support inside
>     SharpDevelop, as in VS...
>         Cheers... 
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