[IronPython] console startup time: 7s

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
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Typically starting up a 2nd time will be faster because the OS still has a lot of the pages in memory.  Ultimately this means we'll not need to go to disk for them.    That can include thinks like the unmanaged portions of the CLR, the ngen'd images that IronPython depends upon, and IronPython.dll its self (although that will have to be JITed as it starts, and that won't be re-used).  If you already have other managed apps running on your machine then the difference here will be less.

3 seconds is a little long but I suspect it's not longer than RC1.  We definitely know we need to do some work in this area but at this point it'll have to wait for post-1.0.

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this is on windows, about 3 secs, always the same ( this is after having stripped out some new stuff i was doing since rc2 was installed ), however i'm not now really sure it slowed down from rc1 to rc2, the trouble is, its only my recollection that the startup on rc1 was faster.

Q: just interested, warm/cold start?, i can't see anything change after first use of ipy, is there a part of the framework that has expanded resource use or been cached, or doesn't it apply to windows?

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