[IronPython] custom ConfigurationSection in IronPython

Jason Ferrara jason.ferrara at jacquette.com
Thu Aug 31 22:13:50 CEST 2006

On Aug 31, 2006, at 4:00 PM, Dino Viehland wrote:

> The Item property is the default indexer, so you should be able to  
> access it using foo[index].

Thats what I thought, but it doesn't work. And if I do dir() on  
ConfigurationElement I don't see a __getitem__ or __setitem__, though  
with other .NET classes that have the Item property I do.

> As for your other question - Martin looked into this but I didn't  
> see a response from him...  The problem seems to be that we don't  
> define a parameterless constructor that the configuration section  
> can call.  The reason for that is that our objects actually need to  
> receive a DynamicType object which represents the class - without  
> this we wouldn't be able to know your type was MySettings.   
> Unfortunately I think this might make it impossible for you to  
> define this class in IronPython.  You could define a stub in C#  
> that calls into your Python using the engine APIs but that might be  
> more work than it's worth.
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> I have another related question.  The "Item" property of  
> System.Configuration.ConfigurationElement (base class for
> ConfigurationSection) doesn't seem to be accessible from IronPython.
> Is this because its overloaded by parameter type? Is there a way to  
> access it from IronPython?
> Thanks
> - Jason

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