[IronPython] 1.0 Beta 1 is out now!

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Mon Jan 2 07:17:21 CET 2006

Frankly?  I'm not sure I'd give a hoot. ;)
Provide targets for each that conform to the WiX configuration format, so that a single file could target each.  This may require coordination with the WiX team to extend the configuration as required, but otherwise just specify a set of destination file formats -- MSI, RPM, etc -- which are bound elsewhere to packaging providers (WiX, LiX, etc).
Of course, it'd be even better to get VS's setup projects to use WiX files.  They currently don't, and MSBuild doesn't currently understand vdproj.
What does Mono's XBuild (?) have available?


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On 1/1/06, Keith J. Farmer <kfarmer at thuban.org> wrote:
> That's what's needed.. WiX for Linux -- could call it LiX.
> MSBuild should be able to handle such a beast.

That would be a good idea. But what will you package it as? RPM/DEB or
host of other formats. I like Ubuntu and use it on my machine. But RPM

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