[IronPython] 1.0 Beta 1 is out now!

Szymon Kobalczyk s.kobalczyk at softwaremind.pl
Tue Jan 3 13:36:32 CET 2006

Anopther problem: the method PythonEngine.ExecuteFile() throws

System.ArgumentException: Error binding to target method.
   at System.Delegate.CreateDelegate(Type type, Object target, 
RuntimeMethodHandle method)

It's called from:

meth = {System.Object showNotification$f2##11(IronPython.Runtime.Frame, 
System.Object, System.Object)}, System.Type delegateType = 
"IronPython.Runtime.CallTarget0", object target = 
{IronPython.Runtime.Frame}) + 0x24 bytes   

It was working on previous version with exactly the same script.


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