[IronPython] 1.0 Beta 1 is out now!

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Tue Jan 3 18:05:34 CET 2006

The change to fix the memory leak issues was to use dynamic methods instead of Reflection.Emit which generates non-garbage collectable types & code.  There are some downsides to this in that having a type allowed us to make more optimizations.  If you want more information than that hopefully Jim can chime in.

The Compile/Execute change gives you a method to re-use compiled Python code within your program.  It's usable as a work around if we didn't have the leak fix in Beta 1.  It looks like there's some limitations to what can be done dynamically (currently), and if you hit one of those then you could always us this as a work around.

But the real long-term purpose will be to provide a way to execute w/o recompiling commonly used code fragments in your program.  That will allow you to avoid the overhead of consistently recompiling your scripts when they're not changing (or changing infrequently).

I'll file a bug about not having access to the last result of Execute.  One option might be to just have Execute return a value - would that be sufficient, or do you want to later access _ in another script?.  

If you want it from a script it probably makes sense to make it an option (as some people wouldn't want the output for every statement).
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Thanks for a great New Years present!

I'm most interested in what you did to fix the memory issues from 
previous versions. I've already found the Compile and Execute(object) 
methods on PythonEngine. Are there any other changes that can help to 
limit memory footprint when hosting IP?

I found one problem with the Compile/Execute duo: in this mode I don't 
have access to the '_' variable.
It can be read when using the Execute(string) method and it was 
available with the earlier trick to precompile scripts.
I found that it is disabled by last parameter in 
OutputGenerator.GenerateSnippet() method (printExprStmts) that is later 
passed to CodeGen. I don't know Python enough to know if this is 
intended behavior but I found the '_' variable really useful for 'multi 
statement evals'.

Szymon Kobalczyk

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