[IronPython] Problem of debugging IronPython Program

Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Tue Jan 3 18:48:51 CET 2006

I think in this case Visual Studio may actually be doing the right thing. You are probably running debug build of IronPython that you built yourself. If you do that, VS will find that the exception was thrown by the division statement in IntOps.cs and display that location. At that point, however, your Python division statement is on the stack so you can walk up to it.

Alternatively, if you debug IronPython release build, VS will find the location with debug symbols available - your Python source.

Ultimately, we want to find solution where even debug build of IronPython can be used to debug Python scripts without having to get into the IronPython source code, but that is yet to come.

Hope this helps.

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Dear All,
     Happy new year! I really hope IP can grow up more quickly in 2006. :)
     My silly question is how to debug IronPython program. In the MSDN TV, Jim showed us how to debug IronPython code. But I failed to simulate the case which Jim demoed. The debugger of VS 2005 didn't locate the real exception point in trouble.py, but in the IntOps.cs file.
      What more strange thing is that the debugger works as Jim's demo shows when I restart the VS 2005 and the project, but the popup window disappears. I really don't know the why. Is it the versioning problem? I use the VS 2005 Professional Edition.


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