[IronPython] IronPython 1.0 Beta 1 / Mono 1.1.12 Compilation

Jim Hugunin jimhug at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Jan 5 23:41:44 CET 2006

Hi Jeff,

It would be cool to see IronPython running in Komodo.

The makefile doesn't work out of the box on anything except MS's SSCLI implementation.  Your change to gmcs looks like the right one to compile on Mono.  The TAB bug is one we need to fix.

The general experience people report with Mono is that IronPython will run successfully on versions released after a given version of IronPython.  I know that the Mono team uses the test suite we ship as part of their testing process.  Because Mono is still in beta for the CLIv2 features that we use, it can sometimes take a release for them to catch up.  I expect that this lag will go away as Mono gets to a final CLIv2 compatible release and IronPython development slows as we approach 1.0.  Interestingly enough, the binaries that we ship will often run on Mono even if the sources can't be completely recompiled.  You might want to try that.

We'll take -u as a feature request, but if you have a work-around it'll be pretty low priority.  Our primary hosting work is centered around making the CLS PythonEngine class as solid and easy to use as possible.  It never occurred to me that there'd be a desire to use the command-line as a pseudo-hosting API.

IronPython doesn't ship with any of the standard Python libraries that are implemented in Python.  It is designed to be used with the Python-2.4 standard Lib directory - just add this to your site.py or copy into the Lib dir with IronPython.  You can get an initial os module by doing this.  That'll get you os.getcwd.  The os.path you get will be the ntpath (there was a recent message about this).  You'll probably want to replace that with the posixpath module on a Unixy platform.  Os.popen is probably some work, but is a priority for us.  This is something we want to get cleaned up.

Similarly, you should be able to use the standard logging.py module.  I just tried this in beta 1 and it fails because our time module is missing localtime.  We're working on these issues too, but you might find a stub module is the best way to get things going in the very near term.

Thanks and let us know if you get IronPython running in Komodo - Jim

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I looked into getting IronPython working on Linux with Mono 1.1.12 this 
morning. In my defense, I just hadn't seen anything about whether this 
would work either way, so these problems are likely known issues?

Some problems:

1. makefile: I changed this:


then got this:

makefile:16: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 
spaces?).  Stop.

I changed the 8 spaces to a tab in vim, then got a little farther:

jeffg at apple Src> make
gmcs -t:library -r:bin/IronMath.dll -out:bin/IronPython.dll 
IronPython/Compiler/NewTypeMaker.cs(1011,17): error CS0019: Operator 
`==' cannot be applied to operands of type `System.RuntimeMethodHandle' 
and `System.RuntimeMethodHandle'
IronPython/Hosting/PythonEngine.cs(76,20): warning CS0219: The variable 
`o' is assigned but its value is never used
Compilation failed: 1 error(s), 1 warnings
make: *** [bin/IronPython.dll] Error 1

Is this a mono version incompatibility with 1.0 Beta 1? ( just guessing )

Background: we're looking at IronPython to see what kind of effort is 
involved in debugging it with Komodo. Using the MS .Net Runtime, 
currently the issues are:

- IronPython has no '-u' option. We can hack around this as we did for 
Jython in the past.

- IronPython does not have an 'os' module, which the PyDBGP client 
currently depends on. Current os module usage includes: os.environ, 
os.path.*, os.popen, os.getcwd. We have clever ideas about working 
around this in a fepy-specific code path.

- IronPython does not have the logging module. We could fairly easily 
cobble up a stub one that was good enough... or look at porting enough 
of the logging module.

cheers, JeffG

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