[IronPython] IronPython 1.0 Beta 1 / Mono 1.1.12 Compilation

Jeff Griffiths jeffg at ActiveState.com
Fri Jan 6 02:00:46 CET 2006

Awesome, thanks for the clarification on that. I suspected I had the 
wrong version. Oh, and it turns out the debugger client itself does 
*not* need os.popen.

cheers, JeffG

Zoltan Varga wrote:
>                                Hi,
>   The upcoming mono 1.1.13 release will run IronPython 1.0 beta 1.
>                    Zoltan
> On 1/5/06, Jeff Griffiths <jeffg at activestate.com> wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> Thanks for taking the time to go over our issues. I'll see about
>> building a snapshot of Mono to see if that helps, and have passed along
>> all of your comments to the dev team. Mono is important to us because
>> Komodo is available for OS X and Linux as well.
>> I remember vaguely the bit about using Python's libs with the IronPython
>> interpreter, thanks for reminding me. We'll grind on this some more and
>> let you know how it goes.
>> cheers, JeffG
>> Jim Hugunin wrote:
>>> Hi Jeff,
>>> It would be cool to see IronPython running in Komodo.
>>> The makefile doesn't work out of the box on anything except MS's
>>> SSCLI implementation.  Your change to gmcs looks like the right one
>>> to compile on Mono.  The TAB bug is one we need to fix.
>>> The general experience people report with Mono is that IronPython
>>> will run successfully on versions released after a given version of
>>> IronPython.  I know that the Mono team uses the test suite we ship as
>>>  part of their testing process.  Because Mono is still in beta for
>>> the CLIv2 features that we use, it can sometimes take a release for
>>> them to catch up.  I expect that this lag will go away as Mono gets
>>> to a final CLIv2 compatible release and IronPython development slows
>>> as we approach 1.0.  Interestingly enough, the binaries that we ship
>>> will often run on Mono even if the sources can't be completely
>>> recompiled. You might want to try that.
>>> We'll take -u as a feature request, but if you have a work-around
>>> it'll be pretty low priority.  Our primary hosting work is centered
>>> around making the CLS PythonEngine class as solid and easy to use as
>>> possible.  It never occurred to me that there'd be a desire to use
>>> the command-line as a pseudo-hosting API.
>>> IronPython doesn't ship with any of the standard Python libraries
>>> that are implemented in Python.  It is designed to be used with the
>>> Python-2.4 standard Lib directory - just add this to your site.py or
>>> copy into the Lib dir with IronPython.  You can get an initial os
>>> module by doing this.  That'll get you os.getcwd.  The os.path you
>>> get will be the ntpath (there was a recent message about this).
>>> You'll probably want to replace that with the posixpath module on a
>>> Unixy platform.  Os.popen is probably some work, but is a priority
>>> for us.  This is something we want to get cleaned up.
>>> Similarly, you should be able to use the standard logging.py module.
>>> I just tried this in beta 1 and it fails because our time module is
>>> missing localtime.  We're working on these issues too, but you might
>>> find a stub module is the best way to get things going in the very
>>> near term.
>>> Thanks and let us know if you get IronPython running in Komodo - Jim
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>>> IronPython 1.0 Beta 1 / Mono 1.1.12 Compilation
>>> I looked into getting IronPython working on Linux with Mono 1.1.12
>>> this morning. In my defense, I just hadn't seen anything about
>>> whether this would work either way, so these problems are likely
>>> known issues?
>>> Some problems:
>>> 1. makefile: I changed this:
>>> CSC=gmcs
>>> then got this:
>>> makefile:16: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8
>>> spaces?).  Stop.
>>> I changed the 8 spaces to a tab in vim, then got a little farther:
>>> jeffg at apple Src> make gmcs -t:library -r:bin/IronMath.dll
>>> -out:bin/IronPython.dll -recurse:IronPython/*.cs
>>> IronPython/Compiler/NewTypeMaker.cs(1011,17): error CS0019: Operator
>>> `==' cannot be applied to operands of type
>>> `System.RuntimeMethodHandle' and `System.RuntimeMethodHandle'
>>> IronPython/Hosting/PythonEngine.cs(76,20): warning CS0219: The
>>> variable `o' is assigned but its value is never used Compilation
>>> failed: 1 error(s), 1 warnings make: *** [bin/IronPython.dll] Error 1
>>> Is this a mono version incompatibility with 1.0 Beta 1? ( just
>>> guessing )
>>> Background: we're looking at IronPython to see what kind of effort is
>>>  involved in debugging it with Komodo. Using the MS .Net Runtime,
>>> currently the issues are:
>>> - IronPython has no '-u' option. We can hack around this as we did
>>> for Jython in the past.
>>> - IronPython does not have an 'os' module, which the PyDBGP client
>>> currently depends on. Current os module usage includes: os.environ,
>>> os.path.*, os.popen, os.getcwd. We have clever ideas about working
>>> around this in a fepy-specific code path.
>>> - IronPython does not have the logging module. We could fairly easily
>>>  cobble up a stub one that was good enough... or look at porting
>>> enough of the logging module.
>>> cheers, JeffG
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