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Forgive the scattered comments --
IP's speed is going to be influenced by the runtime it is executed under: Microsoft's CLR, Mono, or some other third party runtime.  Speed gains can be realized by both the underlying runtime as well as the efficiency of the IL being generated.
Mono is a suitable runtime for non-Windows systems, and generally supports IP at the Mono release following an IP release (they use IP as part of their test suite).  It's still catching up to full parity, but releases more often than either CPython or Microsoft, so there is the potential for swiftly closing any gaps that may exist.  Completeness of the BCL may or may not be an issue, depending on your needs.
That said, have you checked out Phalanger?  It's an implementation of PHP for .NET, which may grant you more immediate satisfaction for a commercial project.  As I understand, it's also more mature than IP (not being a PHP-head, this is mere conjecture), and still grants access to the BCL.
GUI:  Mono's working on System.Windows parity, as I understand, but has Gtk# available already.  I understand there's also a WxWindows port to .NET which may be usable.  There's also Cocoa#, but that's going to be Mac-specific.  Personally, I'd recommend using System.Windows unless you absolutely could not, just as a point of not having to install yet-another-GUI-library.


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Python newbee spent many years with php. I am looking to write a cross platform non web based app (windows, *nix and MAC). I am looking for

1: Portability 
2: Constant GUI based on platform 
3: All code to be done in Linux 
4: Fast - it has to be fairly quick (python speed)
5: Commercial to begin with then open source after I have made a wee bit of cash (I am trying a new model out)

I am wondering if IP is the one or should I use CPython and wxWindows libs etc. 

Hope you can help all comments no matter how crazy appreciated. 
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